Domestic BER Training

Part L Compliance for architects, engineers & building surveyors

  • Understanding of Basic Requirements to Comply With TGD Part L 2011/2017
  • How to Navigate the DEAP Software
  • Insulation and U Value Requirements
  • Thermal Bridging Details
  • Air Tightness and Ventilation Systems
  • Central Heating and Hot Water Systems
  • Heating System Controls
  • Renewable Energy Systems (Solar, Biomass, Heat Pumps etc)
  • Energy Performance Co-Efficient and Carbon Prefromance Co- Efficient
  • Understanding of how all areas tie in together
  • Most Practical Approach to Part L Compliance
  • On Site Training for Main Contractors & Sub Contractors for Air Tightness Installations

QQI Level 6 Course – Path to Becoming a Registered Assessor

  • All aspects BERs in Ireland
  • How to Use DEAP Software to Calculate a BER
  • How to Calculate the required data for entry to software
  • Building Geometry
  • U Values Calculations
  • Understanding of Space & Hot water systems and Controls
  • How to Survey a Building for the Purposes of a BER Cert
  • Exam and 4 Assignments Required to Pass the Course

SEAI BER Exam Revision Course

  • All BER Assessors on First registration as BER Assessor and every subsequent 2 Years must pass the SEAI BER Exam
  • Revision Course Covers Mock Exam Papers and how to Prepare for Exam
  • Understanding of Documents and content within each for Exam